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Returning Patients

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It's no secret that some diseases tend to run in families.
Knowing your family history can lead to early detection and early prevention.  
InheRET™ makes it easy.

Trusted and Secure

InheRET's data is encrypted and housed in secure HIPAA-compliant servers to safeguard your privacy

Easy to Read Reports 

Share your InheRET™ report with your physician and family members

Reliable and Effective

InheRET, developed at the University of Michigan, interprets your health history to take action for the future

InheRET™ Inherited Risk Evaluation Tool

Helping you and your doctor learn what your family health history means for your future health

Insight into your health history

InheRET™ uses your personal and family health history to find out if you are at increased risk for hereditary cancer


Ability to take control of your future health

Easy-to-read report with next-step recommendations helps you and your doctor make a care plan to reduce your cancer risk

Working Together to
Prevent Cancer

Every person is at risk for cancer, but each person's risk is different. Many factors affect a person’s risk, including genetics, age, family history, history of hormone exposure, and others. 

InheRET™, empowering individuals to accurately identify their risk for hereditary conditions.

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